Code of Conduct

We strive to bring you fast and efficient loan services, we will handle each application as urgent and private.

Loan Approval is subject to the following criteria:

  • All loan application are subject to Credit Approval and terms and conditions including income verification.
  • We need to have all the required documents
  • We have to have your signed Credit Agreement
  • Employment Confirmation (Please make sure that your HR/pay Office details is correct)
  • Income verification (your net. Salary is the amount paid into your bank account)
  • All your personal details is confirmed and correct

A loan application will not be approved if any of the criteria is not met.

Should you have any problem or query regarding your loan application, you can either contact us on
(021)556-2812 or you can send us an email to Loans-inc we will then try and resolve the problem within 24hours.