Loan Terms

  • We offer Loans up to R150,000.00
  • Our payment terms range from 1-60 months, depending on what you qualify for.
  • Interest rates is based on Clients Individual status and is compliant with the National Credit Act

Implications if you pay late or don't pay at all

  • We support the National Credit Act. Our aim is to find you an affordable loan in a responsible manner, combating over-indebtness.
  • The only reason why the cost of your loan will escalate, will be failure from your side to pay the loan as set out in the repayment schedule, or if you dont pay at all.
  • Therefore you must always make sure that there is sufficient funds available in your account for automatic collection by our service providers on the agreed due date.
  • Should the installment not be available, our service providers will make further attempts to collect the installment amount from your bank account and their collections team will contact you to discuss the situation.
  • If your financial situation changed they will do their best to try and help you with arrangements to get you back on track.
  • They will try and reach a fair agreement for settlement of the loan with you, failure to do so, will result in you being handed over to an external collections partner.
  • Failure to repay the loan will also have a negative effect on your credit record at credit bureaus. Your records remain on file with them a number of years whether you have settled or defaulted.

Renewal Loans

  • You will be able to have more than one active loan.
  • Once 3 consecutive installments on your current Loan is paid.
  • We will need you to complete the Loan application form.
  • We will need all the required documents again.

Terms & Conditions of application

  • You the applicant agree that the information that you enter is true and correct.
  • You the applicant agree that a credit check and all necessary checks may be conducted by ourselves or our business partners and financial houses for full application review purposes.
  • You the applicant understand that all loan applications are subject to income and employment confirmation.
  • Loans-inc is not the credit provider and does not make the credit decisions.
  • By submitting the Application form, you hereby state that you understand these terms and conditions .
  • If your loan is approved you will be notified within 24hours.